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Concave Vertilap Panel


Our Vertilap fencing comes Pressure Treated in either Golden Brown or Green. There is a choice of Straight Top, Concaved or Domed.

If your fencing is steping up or down to a different height you can choose a transitional panel or improve the continuity of your fencing. All of our Vertilap Fence Panels are made 6ft wide, but can be cut down or extended to any width you require. We are also able to cut down fence panels to any height, but unfortunately are unable to extend them to beyond the height of 6ft.

All of our Domed Topped Vertilap Fence Panels are made 6' wide, but can be cut down to any width you require and we can extend them slightly. We are unable to extend them beyond 6' in height.

Please note that all of our dome shaped Fence panels are made to the required height at the top of the dome except for the 6' high panel which is 5'6" to the shoulder and 6' to the top of the dome. Our Concave panels are made with pressure treated feather edge board. They are 6' wide but can be made to mesure for a small charge. The height measurements are to the shoulder.