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Garage Doors


Introducing the BETTAROLLA. This 19mm insulated door comes fully automated with 2 remotes. With safety edge technology and a rubber seal to keep out the wet. Not only is this door secure, safe and great value, starting at £1000 fitted*, it saves you space. Needing only 300mm head room and rolling up into the box, meaning you can park your car right up to it without worry.



An effortless and smooth opening of your garage door at the push of a button, with a state of the art remote controls.


The BETTAROLLA is strong safe and secure keeping out unwanted intruders.


With a double skinned roll-formed aluminium curtain and polyurethane  foam infill for insulation it gives 5x more insulating propertise than a conventional steel door.


The BETTAROLLA is designed to give extra space, only needing 300mm head room on top of the guide height means you can park inches away from the door inside or out.


Avaliable in a veriaty of colours to complement your home , now including new wood and UPVC wood effect windows, the BETTAROLLA is low maintance once installed due to its durable finish and quality parts used.


Doors are made in Briton and is CE compliant to the latest standards.


The BETTAROLLA features the latest market leading technology.


The modern NRG remote control unit with multifunction capabilty and wireless safety edge system, or the ultra modern Somfy Rollixo remote control unit which has a LED display function, with safety edge and bulit in 90 decibel alarm.


Both systems are fully compliant to the highest standard of safety and CE approved to new EU regulatioins.

wierd wireless

Wireless Kit 

Battery powered door sensor

Optical safety edge

Rubber profile

Choice of transmitters



Push button cover

LED diagnostics

Elegant design

Pre - wired 40vac cable & plug

Wired Kit

Spiral cable & junc box

Optical safety edge

Rubber profile

Choice of transmitters



Push butoon cover

LED diagnostics

Elegant design

Pre-wired 240vac cable & plug

Rollsafe 868


  • No wiring between the controller and wireless safety edge.

  • Pre-wired 2mtrs mains cable with uk plug.

  • Plug in controller terminals for motor and accessories.

  • Front panel LED diagnostics of power and safety edge.

  • Audiable diagnostics of motor thermal, safety edge and low battery indicator.

  • Optional wired safety edge system using same controller.


Other standard features


  • Holiday mode.

  • Auto time close.

  • Courtsy light 25 watts.


Optional upgrades


  • Plug in 90db alarm and door alarm sensor.

  • LED lighting (pre-assembled & pre-wired.)


Standard features


  • CE/TUV approved anti-fall safety brake supplied on all BETTAROLLA doors.


  • heavy duty high impact locking straps with reinforced steel to prevent door from being forced up.


  • Thick extruded aluminium guide rails in 75mm or 95mm wide as standard complete with brush seals.


  • Full box and cover.


  • Somfy Rollixo remote control unit with safety edge.


  • NRG automation remote control unit with safety edge.


  • Somfy built in alarm function with 90 decibel sounder, activates when door is forcibly lifted


  • Superior roller system with soft lead roller to ensure smooth quiet operation.


  • Nrg remote control hand set with 4 channels.


  • Somfy easy to operate remote handset with 4 channels and heavy duty keyring.



Rollsafe 868 is a high quality solution to automate your garage door. uniquely designed for easy installation helping to deliver the optimal roller door that is safe and secure.


No need for magnets to offset an uneven floor, the unique system can deactive the safety edge just before hitting the floor stopping any re-opening.

shutter-image garage-door-with-wired-edge




Ultramoderm wireless technology with eye-catching style

The new Rollixo RTS control unit by Somfy is the latest innovation from world leaders in control equipment. Running on a frequency of 433.42 MHZ and complete with rolling code tech the RTS systems are stylish and ultra-modern. The control unit comes complete with 2 handheld key-fobs having up, stop and down buttons,  An LED diagnostic disply, built in courtesy light and intergrated 90db alarm. The wireless OSE safety edge transmitter wakes up on initial movement and will only stay awake untill movement stops, ensuring battery life is protected. The transmitter also powers an optical safety beam through the rail rubber at the bottom of the door, that when activated or compressed will stop the the door from closing further. More wireless accessories are available such as the Somfy smoove wireless switch that can be fitted inside the garage or the Anti-vandal wireless keypad that is installed outside without the need for wiring.

somfy transmitter keygo-rts

Wireless OSE safety edge transmitter

Remote control handset

2x supplied


Rollixo RTS


The complete soulution for automated roller doors.

The smart desin ensures your roller door is installed in no time while delivering a outstanding results. The RTS comes with safety edge technology as standard, ensuring the door stops and reverses on contact of any obstructions.

Your safety edge choices are as follow:


Wired safety edge

  • Rollixo RTS controller

  • XSE Safety edge transmitter

  • 2x Keygo multi-channel keyfobs

  • 1x Pair of guide magnets

  • Resistive safety edge









Technical charateristics


Mains power supply                230Vac - 50/60 Hz


Electrical insulation                 Class 1


Maximum  motor voltage         230Vac - 750W


Radio Frequency                     RTS:433.42 MHz


Max # of controls                     32


Operating temp                        -20oc to 60oc


Index of protection                   IP 20


Integral light                             230V - 25W max - E14


Safety inputs                            3 dry contact inputs for:

                                                - Wired safety edge:

                                                - Optical or resistive

                                                Safety brake            



Wired control input                   Dry contac input: N/O

ose2 wired pic

Wireless safety edge

  • Rollixo RTS controller

  • XSE Safety edge transmitter

  • 2x Keygo multi-channel keyfobs

  • 1x Pair of optical cells

  • 1x Pair of bottom slat stoppers